Jana Kramer Gets Real About a Past Relationship in ‘Dammit’

Jana Kramer planned the white picket fence dream with a lover before losing it all and only having the house to remember it by in “Dammit.” The song, penned by Nicolle Galyon and Elizabeth Huett, takes a long, hard look at revisiting the foreseen future once it’s ripped out from underneath someone’s feet. Kramer sings about visiting the home she always wished to share with a former flame, and now all that’s left behind are the supercuts of the future she once banked upon having with her one and only.

To read further about how "Dammit" came about, check out Sounds Like Nashville's article here: http://www.soundslikenashville.com/news/jana-kramer-dammit-new-single/

JK Dammit Tunecore.jpg
Tracy Goldenberg